A Walk Down Memory Lane

My name is Linda Helm. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I left twice to live in Texas, but a couple of years ago I was able to retire early on the family farm near Maysville. I saw a commercial recently where people had emailed memories of shopping at BC Clark Jewelers. I have two. Last weekend my oldest daughter was here from Justin, Texas, and the BC Clark jingle was on TV. Her statement was “It is officially Christmas when I hear that commercial.” We lived here until she was 14 years old, and now she is 34.

The second memory is of shopping at BC Clark in Oklahoma City. One of my favorite memories was going to Oklahoma City before Christmas to talk to Santa Claus at Montgomery Ward or Sears, and shopping on Main Street. My first watch was purchased in BC Clarks. I had picked up pecans to earn money for the watch. I was eight or nine. I don’t know if this happened at this time or another visit, but we saw that some of the watches had Benton on them. Benton is a family name. My granddad and dad were both Alva Benton Russell. We talked to an elderly gentleman who said he was BC Clark and told us his name was Benton. For many years we traveled to BC Clark Jewelers to purchase a “Benton” watch. My parents are gone now and in the process of cleaning out their home I found a little Benton watch. It has a very small band, so it was probably mine, maybe my mother’s. The Benton name has been passed down as in the Clark family. My brother’s oldest son is Bradley Benton Russell, and my grandson is Cole Benton Shawn. My dad was so proud that his children honored him by using his name.

Thank you for letting me walk down memory lane.


The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle