The Jingle Sung in Iraq

ust thought you would like to know that your jingle has gone around the world. My son, Matthew, was stationed at Camp Taji, Iraq last Christmas. He was really beginning to feel homesick as he actually left 2 days before Thanksgiving. He is a medic in the U.S.Army and was working in an eye clinic seeing patients with eye trauma. As it grew closer to Christmas he felt as though something was missing. Everyone was singing their favorite Christmas Carols but none of them seemed to fit. Then out of the blue he began to sing the B.C.Clark Jingle. It soon got everyone’s attention and they all wanted to know what he was singing, where it came from, and if he would teach it to them. He was so excited that he finally had something that lifted his spirits. I just thought you would like to hear this short story and how it meant so much to a young soldier away from family and friends at the most precious time of the year. Oh Yes!!! This year I am excited and singing your jingle because he not only got to come home for Thanksgiving, he will be home for Christmas as well.

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle