The Greatest, Happiest Jingle in the History of the World

I’m an evangelist and I travel all across the United States. To introduce a message I have entitled, “Breaking the Spirit of Tradition,” I always, especially in Oklahoma, begin by singing the B. C. Clark Jingle that I have heard all of my life. People all over the States love the happy little jingle once they’ve heard it, and have asked for me to record it and send them a copy so they can hear it by, obviously, better singers than me. I also make it a tradition to get the annual Christmas Plate given out each year….If you ask anyone from my home church what song it is that Bev is going to sing karaoke nights at our friends’ homes, it’ll be the same answer…”the B. C. Clark song!” Thank you for the greatest, happiest jingle in the history of the world!

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle