Christmas in Japan

Hello and Merry Christmas!

This may be one of the most unusual letters you will receive this holiday season, but I just had to write.

Having spent most of my life in Oklahoma, I always knew Christmas was just around the corner whenever I heard your jingle. It always brought a smile to my face and I always sang along with it. When I moved out of Oklahoma (married a US Marine), I missed that song. It seemed like it just wasn’t Christmas without it. Right now, I am currently in Okinawa Japan, where it’s even harder to tell it’s Christmas because of the beautiful, warm weather. Until today. My father, back in Oklahoma City, sent me a link to your website, which just happened to have the Jingle on it. I was so thrilled! It is now, officially, Christmas!

Thank you so very much and please bring it back next year!


The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle