Upload a Jingle Video

What makes Jingle video usable?

Quality matters. Videos should be high-resolution with clear sound, preferably taken in a horizontal format!

Focus on what’s important. So make sure your singers are in focus and looking their best!

Be bright and cheery. Try NOT to stand in front of a light source, such as a window. The brightest light should be behind the camera and shining on your smiling, Jingley faces!

Shaky video is no fun to watch. Prop your phone or camera on something for stable and beautiful footage!

Uploading your video.

Please use the form on this page to upload your video and provide us your information.

To be considered for the TV commercial, we’ll need your video by 5pm on Saturday, November 28!

Should you run into problems uploading your video, please email us at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing your Jingle video!

Submit your Jingle video!

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle
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