A Festive Mood For All

In 2009 I moved to Galveston, Texas. Several months later, around the end of November, I started to feel homesick for Oklahoma. I loved living in Galveston and my new job, but I felt like I was really missing something. My cousin caught my sad little homesick post on Facebook and uploaded a YouTube video of The BC Clark Jingle for me. That made my day! I went to work singing it most of the day. Of course I got the strangest looks from my Texan co-workers. It really doesn’t seem like the holidays if you don’t hear the song. I’m living back in Oklahoma now, so I can hear it at any given time.

Now here’s the funny part – I’m Jewish, And I still don’t feel festive this time of year without that jingle!! Thank you for continuing to serve the Oklahoma community and thank you so much for putting us all in a festive mood with the great Jingle!

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle