What memories it brings!

My fiancé and I were looking for wedding rings over the weekend and wanted to go to the store in Penn Square Mall, but it was Sunday and closed. When I returned to work on Tuesday, I was looking on different web pages and “click” Google BC Clark. To my surprise, the first thing I saw was the jingle. I automatically clicked on it. As I scrolled through the different videos of people singing I almost lost it. Just have to remember I’m at work now. My eyes began to fill and throat began to get tight…..hhhaahhh. It brought me back to sitting in the living room with my Grandmother at Christmas time. Her foot tapping and thinking I can’t wait till Christmas. We never had that much money and when we would get a chance to go to OKC to the Mall we always parked next to the entrance of the BC Clarks. We would walk by and she would say “Can’t wait to hear that song” and point to the store. It brings back sooo many memories for we lost my Grandma on Christmas day 2003. Here I go again watering up…… She always said its not Christmas with out that song. Till this day we stop and pause when we see it on T. V. Thanks for the memories.

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle