Mama it’s almost Christmas!

I was born and raised in wonderful Oklahoma City, where you meet no strangers! The BC Clark Jingle means everything to me. It was magical, and you could hear the Spirit of Christmas in the air every time you heard the song! My mom made our home something magical – everything was so beautiful and when that commercial would come on, I would get so excited to sing along like a kid looking in a Christmas display window downtown. Christmas is such a special time of year. I would love to watch my mom decorate everything with love, and she has passed that down to me and I share that gift with my children and my grandson. She told me that I have succeeded her in making Christmas magical. I’ve been living in Texas for the last 38 years but have traveled home to Oklahoma City regularly, and on my journeys I will always sing that song and point to the BC CLARK SIGN to my husband every time. I’m 60 years young and I sing that song constantly. I was just singing it before I came in my office today and signed into my email and saw this email from BC CLARK and was reading about the Jingle history. I played the song and started to cry tears of joy and excitement and thought about the memories this song brings and my mother’s love. She passed away in 2020 and I’ll say to her in spirit “Mama it’s almost Christmas!”

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle