Part of Our Holiday Tradition

Growing up in Oklahoma, I always looked forward to Thanksgiving because I knew the B.C. Clark Jingle would be on T.V. This is my Most favorite Holiday song. I go around singing it all year long in fact. When I married my husband, I of course had to introduce him to the B.C. Clark Jingle. Being from Florida and transplanted to Oklahoma via the military, he had never heard the Jingle. We have since moved from Oklahoma and been stationed several places across the U.S. I always make sure I hear the Jingle via the website no matter where the military takes us. And of course I make sure all my new friends, wherever we are, hear the Jingle. I have made the B.C. Clark Jingle a part of our family holiday tradition. Seeing as I don’t get to go home to Oklahoma often, this Song always makes me feel like I’m close by during the holidays. My kids actually look forward to hearing the Jingle each and every year!

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle