Christmas is here!

The BC Clark jingle has always been like a person yelling “Christmas is here!” Now when the GM plant closed down this year (2006) my dad had to find a new job. We ended up moving to California leaving behind our family, friends and basically everything we knew. I haven’t really been in the “Christmas mood” lately and I didn’t know why. I knew I missed my family and friends but there was just something missing.

The other day my grandma sent me an email. The subject was “Now it really is Christmas” and I didn’t really know what that was supposed to mean so when I opened it and saw that my grandma put “click and enjoy” I was starting to put together the pieces. When I clicked on it and saw the BC Clark sight a huge smile came across my face! I listened to it and sang it word for word! Now I really feel in the Christmas mood and I feel happier that I have listened to it. One funny thing is that I will be singing it for the next month and won’t be able to stop!

Thank You for helping me get in the Christmas spirit!!!

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle