The Jingle Made Me Homesick

Like all native Oklahomans, the BC Clark jingle means “Christmas” to my family. My first Christmas living outside of Oklahoma, my sister sent me a package containing holiday cheer – candy, little gifts, a tree ornament, etc, and a cassette of the BC Clark jingle. She had waited by her radio every morning for days, finger poised over the buttons of her tape player, trying to record it for me. Finally, she got it, and sent it in the package. When I heard the jingle, it made me so homesick, I cried. I’ve been living back in Oklahoma for many years. But even now, when I hear the jingle for the first time each season, it makes me teary, even as I smile and sing along.

Thank you for being a part of every Oklahoma Christmas. The holidays wouldn’t be complete without the BC Clark jingle!

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle