Oklahoma’s Unofficial Christmas Carol

Back in 1975 I graduated from high school. Many of my friends went out of state to college that fall while I stayed here and attended, then, UCO. When they returned home several of them said although they were home with all the usual festivities it just didn’t seem like Christmas until….. you guessed it, they heard the B C Clark jingle on TV or radio. Then, they said that it really felt like Christmas. I refer to the BCC jingle as Oklahoma’s unofficial Christmas carol. By the way, does anyone remember the little Santa that sledded over snow on some Norelco floating razor heads? I remember that the jingle was sung to the Jingle Bells tune, “Floating heads, Floating heads, floating all the way.” And BC Clark had exclusive rights to selling the razor. Some razor to be sold in a jewelry store, or at least that’s what I remember.

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle