The Jingle Always Brings a Smile

My future wife Sherry and I (both OKC born) were traveling on a narrow country highway in Alabama, 10 years ago (1996), when the BC Clark Jingle just popped into my head. It was one of those quiet moments when the conversation paused, and she glanced my way and I had this smile that she has not seen in quite a while. She of course wanted to know what was going on in my mind, and I told her that I was thinking of the jingle. She asked what jingle? Although I have been in the military nine years, and out of OKC all of that time (except for occasional visits with family) I began to sing (if you call it that) the jingle word for word. I actually surprised my self by knowing it. Now I have shared the jingle through your website with my children and they found it to be just as catchy now as it was then.

Thanks for the seasonal memories!

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle