The Song Always Brightens My Day

I was born into a very talented musical family in 1970. I didn’t remember the 1973 ad, but as young as five I had already memorized the B.C. Clark jingle. Singing the song always brightens my spirit, and it’s catchy tune and words are genius!

My mother sent me the information about the website this week, and was almost in tears as I reviewed all the TV spots. I found my mother in the Canterbury spot in 1992, a friend from John Marshall as well as church friends in 1989, and even my sorority little sis and her younger sister in 1985. Oklahoma City will always mean family to me, and BC Clark will always be a part of that. I will be sharing the website for all my okie colleagues that I teach with in Dallas, Texas. Thank you for the memories!

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle