The Norelco Myth

Dear B.C. Clark Family,

I would like to thank you for keeping the jingle going through out the years. I agree with others that it is truly Oklahoma’s Christmas Carol and the Christmas season does not begin until I have heard the song. I have a 12 yr old son that now knows every word; he and I will stop whatever we are doing when the commercials come on and sing along. It is funny, most of the time I can’t remember why I went into the next room, but I can always remember every single word to the jingle anytime of the year.

During my childhood in the late 60’s and early 70’s there was a television commercial that came on during the Christmas season that had an animated Santa and the elves sliding over the snowy hills on Norelco razors. While I am picturing this television commercial the B.C. Clark jingle is playing in my head. Can you tell me if the store had such a television commercial or if I am mixing two memories together?

Pam Combest Enid, Oklahoma


Dear Pam,

It is a common myth that there is a B. C. Clark Jingle television commercial with an animated Santa sledding down a hill on a Norelco razor. Every year we are amazed by the number of comments or questions about this. In fact, we get so many comments that we have begun to even question our own history.

There is, in fact, a commercial that was produced for Norelco in the 1960s and versions of it have run off and on during the Holiday Season ever since. In 1982, the B. C. Clark Jingle commercial was produced with an animated Santa, and it had a very similar look and feel to the Norelco commercial. We still air this commercial every year to kick off the Holiday Season. The B. C. Clark Santa rides on a SLED, however, not a Norelco razor. The two commercials seem to have been combined in many people’s memories over the years. To add to the confusion, B. C. Clark Jewelers used to sell Norelco razors back in the 60’s.

Merry Christmas!


The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle