Family Christmas Video

In 2002, I was living in Arizona and had been away from my family at Christmas for the first time. I was really depressed and was not in the holiday sprit at all.! Desert scenery did not make for a good Christmas atmosphere for me.

Our family celebrates our Christmas together, with our extended family on Christmas Eve. They all knew I was feeling down and had put together the best Christmas home video ever! They all took part in creating the BC Clark Jingle and put it in a video just for me! I was so happy when I got the video not knowing what was in store. When I started watching the video, I started crying, missing my family and the Christmas celebration. Then, to top it off, the jingle, the one that makes every Oklahoman know that it is truly that time of year. You don’t realize how much you rely on that Jingle as part of the Holiday season. I was missing the jingle on the TV and radio, and didn’t realize it was part of the Holiday spirit I had lost.

Now, I am back home in Oklahoma, and think of that video every time I hear the BC Clark jingle. Thank you BC Clark for being a part of one of my best Christmas memories! You and my family brought me a ray of good holiday cheer in my time of need.

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle