“Catching Up” with the Jingle

We started a tradition several years ago when we first had access to e-mail. One of us sent the other an e-mail that said “Jewelry is the gift to give” and that was the entire content of the e-mail. The other replied using the second line of the song. The e-mail went on until we were finished with the entire jingle. Since then, every single year when Christmas time is drawing near, whoever thinks of it first will send the first e-mail. As our lives had gotten busier and busier over the years, we have less and less time to visit. We use the B.C. Clark jingle to “catch up” on what is going on in our lives.

The person who remembers first will send an e-mail with a few sentences of “catching up” on the past year. At the end of the e-mail, she will write “Jewelry is the gift to give…”

The receiver of the first e-mail will answer questions, and update the other one, and finish the e-mail with the second line of the song. The e-mail will continue until the jingle is finished, and sometimes beyond that for a few days until we’re all caught up.

Just this year, we’ve started using the missing line to add in an extra e-mail.

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle