A Sign of the Holidays


Just a short note to say that growing up in OKC and going on to college there I heard “The Jingle” every year at Christmas. I guess it’s a traditional sign of the Holidays. I’ve since moved out of state, as most of the people I went to college with have done, and don’t get to hear “The Jingle”. But, when those of us get together and talk about Oklahoma, “The Jingle” comes up and it’s good for a nostalgic laugh. It’s been 23 years since I’ve lived in OK and don’t get back much what with life and kids etc., but I can still sing even if way off-key. Not having thought about it for years I was in The City on business and saw one of your billboards (US 77 about Britton Rd.) and it brought back memories of Christmas in the mid-sixties in OKC. I guess to sum up I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for the memories of the Holidays as a child. And, yes, I listened to it on the web-isn’t technology great?

Thanks Again,

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