What a Small World

Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 2005

I was in the Jerusalem Falafel restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand, of all places, where I struck up a conversation with a beautiful American girl with red hair. When we arrived at the compulsory part about where we were both from, I said Oklahoma City and her face lit up. It turned out that she is B.C. Clark’s great grand daughter, and her family had moved away from Oklahoma when she was young. She new of the jingle, but didn’t really know it. So in the middle of an unlikely restaurant halfway around the world in Thailand, I sang my rendition of the jingle, to her great delight. (The other diners appreciated it as well.) It was one of the more memorable moments of a very memorable trip. It is indeed a small world, and that connection made me feel a little closer to home.

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle