Two Very Young “Jingle” Fans

I’m a 37-year old born & raised “Okie” who grew up listening to your VERY BELOVED Christmas jingle! In my opinion, the Christmas season doesn’t “officially” begin until your classic jingle starts playing on the airwaves! I’m now married to a WONDERFUL active duty military man and we have a family of our own! We’ve been blessed with 2-kiddo’s….one is 3-years old & the other is 5-years old! I just had to write in & let you know that BOTH of our children absolutely LOVE your classic jingle! They can be off in another room playing but yet when they hear your Christmas jingle playing on TV, the radio, internet, etc…they will BOTH stop whatever they’re doing and immediately go to WHEREVER they hear it playing! The sweet little souls will then begin dancing & singing along to it as BEST as they possibly can….and of course Mommy has to join in too! It’s SO precious to watch my babies enjoying your jingle as much as I did growing up! I want you to know that you have 2-VERY YOUNG “JINGLE” FANS living in Enid who absolutely ADORE your “song”…as do their Mommy & Daddy! THANK YOU for the WONDERFUL memories & bringing such joy to EVERYONE over the years….ESPECIALLY my family! Please take care & have a VERY blessed Christmas Season & a Happy New Year!

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle