The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle

It was first written and produced in 1956, and soon developed a life of its own.

For more than 50 years, people the world over have been singing and performing the BC Clark Jingle.

Naturally, we’ve tried to capture as much of it on video as we possibly can.

From our local Jingle Sing commercials to Megan Mullally serenading Jay Leno, we’ve compiled more than 30 videos of people loving the Jingle.

Some of it’s good. Some of it… well, not so much. But all of it is fun to watch. Enjoy!

November 2017 – Darci Lynne & Petunia sing the Jingle

On November 13, 2017, Darci performed for the entire BC Clark family of employees at their annual employee dinner, in celebration of the 125th Anniversary for the company.

December 2016 – Featured nationally on NBC Nightly News

On December 24, 2016, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt aired a story about the BC Clark Jingle, including an appearance from Oklahoma native Blake Shelton.

People Sing the Jingle Television Commercials

People have always loved singing the jingle. Some are even brave enough to do it in public… and on TV!

2020 – People Sing the Jingle on Zoom

2014 at The Shoppes at Northpark

2012 at Penn Square

2010 at Penn Square

2007 in Bricktown

2005 in Bricktown

2003 at Penn Square

2001 at Penn Square

1998 at Penn Square

1996 at Penn Square

1994 at Penn Square

1992 at Penn Square

1991 at Penn Square

1989 at Penn Square

1988 at Penn Square

1985 at Northpark Mall

1984 at Northpark Mall

1983 at Northpark Mall

Unique Jingle Moments Caught on Video

In its 50+ years, the Jingle has been sung and played all over the world.

Here’s a collection of videos from over the years that feature the jingle in unique ways, from karaoke-style television spots to well-known groups and people performing the Jingle.
The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle
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