SNU Christmas Program

I lived in Oklahoma all of my short life until recently, and I received my undergraduate degree from Southern Nazarene University. Every year our Music department put on a Christmas extravaganza and everyone in the department would participate, including our renowned piano faculty. Dr. Reighard and Dr. Betts are two brilliant pianists and also very gifted composers in the faculty at SNU, and they would frequently arrange a beloved Christmas classic for two pianos and play it at our Christmas program. Well…a few years ago they once again arranged a beloved Christmas classic, the B.C. Clark jingle! They artfully crafted the beginning of the piece so that the melody was not immediately apparent, but if you listened really close you could hear it. Of course by the end of the piece they were playing the beloved tune in all of its glory, much to the audience’s delight. I live in Miami now and miss hearing the jingle at this time of year, but every time I think back to that night it makes me smile and hum the jingle to myself!

The BC Clark Anniversary Sale Jingle